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Ajinomoto's Corynex™ Recombinant Protein Expression System is a novel protein expression system able to produce complex proteins using a specially-developed gram-positive bacterium, Corynebacterium glutamicum. Sign up now to receive access to our exclusive info pack including the whitepaper Speeding and Simplifying Recombinant Protein Production as well as our most recent case study Viable Protein Expression Opportunities showcasing results for a global pharmaceutical company. See how the Corynex™ Recombinant Protein Expression System will:

  • Secrete active proteins directly into the growth media
  • Form correct disulfide bonds
  • Simplify the production process by eliminating the need for extensive downstream processing and additional refolding steps
  • Reduce production cost and speed time to market

Conventional microbial-based expression systems use organisms such as E. coli, pseudomonas and yeast which require multiple purification steps and additional subsequent refolding. This breakthrough, patented system overcomes these challenges and allows for the isolation of higher yields of biologically active proteins with accurate folding, increased purity with fewer host proteins and no endotoxins.

Corynex™ delivers simplified production with better results. For more information regarding Corynex™ or related products, call 877-526-7963, email corynex@ajiusa.com, or visit our website.